Our vision is where we would like to be (our destination)

To provide a service that will keep service users safe and happy by attending to both their physical and emotional needs and wellbeing. We aim to be part of the service users extended family. To be an exceptional organisation, where every staff member has the opportunity to feel valued and supported.

Our Strategy is the path we will take to help us reach our Vision

Strategy on Service Provision:
1. By being able to provide a range of services that will meet current and future needs.
2. By providing a service that does not feel rushed.
3. By being able to attend to both the physical and emotional wellbeing of service users.
4. By allocating a named contact in management that will provide excellent customer service.
5. To aim for excellence at all times.
Strategy of Staffing:
1. By treating everyone with respect and dignity.
2. By promoting social care values.
3. By allowing anyone to raise a concern without the fear of repercussions.
4. By investing in the training and development of our staff.
5. By avoiding unfair employment practices.

1.We treat everyone with respect.
2. We understand that listening is a big part of communicating.
3. We are accountable for both our actions and inactions.
4. We strive for excellence by continuous professional development throughout the company to ensure best practice.
5. We embrace diversity and equality.